Artist Profile: Claire Pearson of Chow Bella

It’s no secret that we love showcasing the work our customers produce, whenever we get a chance to do so, and even more so when there’s history behind it.

This is exactly the case with Claire Pearson (and her canine co-founder,) who started Chow Bella nearly 11 years ago.
Claire had been previously making sculptural work and at the time was between ceramics studios, as the story goes, she had a cocker spaniel puppy, Bella, who kept getting food and water in her ears. Unable to find a spaniel bowl in the shops that worked, let alone one that looked halfway decent, Claire put her ceramic know-how to work and made one.

After mentioning her creation on an internet spaniel forum, within months she was regularly producing personalised spaniel bowls as a sideline.

Personalised spaniel bowls

From there, the business grew and grew; Claire now makes bowls for cats and dogs of all breeds, and even a ferret bowl last year!

Spaniel bowls with silhouettes

Working army dogs“Using the decals is a great way for me to make my ‘off the shelf’ range (all the other bowls are personalised) and I try and tweak the colours to go with that year’s ‘on trend’ Pantones.”

Saviour of spaniel ears and a beautiful alternative to what you would find in stores, Chow Bella’s popularity doesn’t stop at the wonderful bowls they made their name with. They also take special requests for prizes, have made bowls for working army dogs, and one for the top canine blood donor of the year.

Dog Treats

For more of Claire’s wonderful work, or to perhaps even find out if the bowls are stocked near you, check out her website

You can also find her on social media, where you’ll see what else she has been up to, as well as be treated to the occasional photograph of her adorable co-founder.




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