Artist Profile: Micaela Schoop

FotoCeramic are always pleased to showcase our clients work and this particular artist deserves a special mention, mainly because she has had very little formal training in the discipline of art and design, so her natural talent has created some stunning pieces of art using a wide range of media and styles.  Here are some examples Micaela Schoop has created using our ceramic transfer decals.

Micaela was born in South Africa, but emigrated to Hamburg in Germany with her parents when she was four years old.  After a brief stay in the United States, Micaela has been a resident in the UK since 1993.  Successfully completing a foundation course in Art & Design, she had hoped that it would help her to focus on a particular discipline in art but realised that her talents lay in embracing a mixed media approach to her creativity and to keep exploring the different disciplines within art and design.

Most of Micaela’s work is highly decorative and she uses texture in her work through line and colour.  Using a mixture of media, she produces a range of aesthetic effects and enjoys embracing the dimensions of computer technology as part of the creative process.  For further information and examples of her stunning artwork, visit her webpage.


If you are a regular client at FotoCeramic and you would like your artwork to be showcased, you are welcome to send us your images with some background information about the pieces for us to include on our Facebook page and also as a blog spotlight.

FotoCeramic Team

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