Artist Spotlight: Jacqueline Leighton Boyce

Another of our clients at FotoCeramic is Jacqueline Leighton Boyce, a ceramic artist based on Exmoor.  She draws her inspiration from the immediate landscape of open moorland rather than from research.  Her work is uncomplicated, displaying a simplistic and romantic narrative taken from her walks in and around Exmoor.



Jacqueline works primarily as an earthenware ceramist, using terracotta clay.  Each one of her pieces is handbuilt and original.  For more information about her work and exhibitions, please follow the link to Jacqueline‘s website.

FotoCeramic Team

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, since 1998 FotoCeramic has been producing digital transfers for ceramics and glass; along with our expert knowledge, we have provided custom decals to businesses, designers and members of the public.