Breath of the Compassionate; Celebrating 20 Years of The Peace Walk

Moriam Grillo is an award-winning, international artist; her latest undertaking, ‘Breath of the Compassionate,’ is a series of murals commissioned for a wonderful peace garden.

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The garden was started by Reverend David Kesterton, in the grounds of All Saints Church in Luton, and has been over a year in the making. It is a space dedicated to all members of the local community, as a place of quiet retreat and meditation.

Peace Garden, Installation, Murals

Consisting of over 4,000 tiles, this artwork was inspired by sacred geometry and celebrates 20 years of The Peace Walk. The different elements of the murals were made by members of the community, aged from 7-70. Tiles were rolled out, cut and glazed, images were drawn and painted; from start to finish, everything that went into this project was a joint effort, bringing people together in a true testament to its inspiration and purpose.

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The Peace Walk acts as a public demonstration of community solidarity, and an opportunity for diverse members of the Luton community to get to know one another. The goal is to help build an understanding of different cultures and religious beliefs.

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The 2016 Peace Walk took place on Saturday 24th September, with events which encapsulated the ideologies of togetherness and learning, including the unveiling of the murals embodying that.

Peace Garden, Murals, Luton, Faith

The ceramic element of this inspiring project would not have been possible without the months of hard work from Moriam Grillo, to view more of her work you can visit her website, Facebook page, or Instagram feed. Expect to see, and be impressed by, a range of work in ceramics, both large and small, as well as work she admires.



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