Ceramic Transfers Augment Signature Wall Plates

Contemporary Fine Craft Artist, Anna Hunt has shared some amazing examples of her eclectic signature Wall Plates which use our ceramic transfer decals to decorate the surfaces.  She uses clay to create vivid worlds, and the illustrative scenes she captures on surfaces are heavily influenced by historic grandeur and past traditions.


Anna has a preoccupation with historic houses which shout of excessive opulence and their almost obsessive fixation with natural history collections.  Her impressive CV demonstrates her ability to create pieces which reflect the nature of the commission, displaying a wide range of visual feasts for the eye.  She draws upon these elements and playfully translates them onto the clay surfaces.  To keep the artwork fresh and stimulating, Anna often distorts the scale and setting of her pieces and coupled with many layers of colours, markings and transfers, visual depth is successfully achieved.

For further information and examples of her unique artistry, please visit Anna‘s webpage.

FotoCeramic Team

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