From Fine Art to Ceramics: Mary Morgan

FotoCeramic continues to serve the student market well for digital ceramic transfers and we are delighted to showcase the talents of Mary Morgan, a 2013 Ceramics Graduate from the University of Central Lancashire, who has used our ceramic transfers for her artwork.  Mary originally was a teacher before embarking on a Fine Art degree in 2010.  After realising that Fine Art was not her calling, she transferred to the second year Ceramics course, realising that clay was her true calling!

As part of the special offer we have been running throughout November, Mary sent some examples of her interesting work which formed part of her final degree project and we are very pleased to showcase these on our blog and also on our Facebook page. 

For more information about Mary’s work, please look at her blog!

FotoCeramic Team

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, since 1998 FotoCeramic has been producing digital transfers for ceramics and glass; along with our expert knowledge, we have provided custom decals to businesses, designers and members of the public.