Julia Smith Ceramics: Illustrative Handmade Ceramics

FotoCeramic has provided our decal transfer papers to Julia Smith, a ceramic artist based in Scotland for a number of her pieces, which are simple, illustrative ceramics that are handmade in earthenware clay using traditional methods.  The examples of her work shown in the images below are affordable everyday pieces which can enjoyed and used for a variety of purposes.


Julia grew up in Helensburgh to the west of Glasgow and moved to the city at 17 years of age to study Product Design at the Glasgow School of Art.  She discovered the ceramics department and immediately discovered a connection with the art form, finishing her degree in Ceramics in 1996.  As part of a thurd year exchange programme with the University of Toledo, Julia studied the rudiments of ceramics, printmaking and sculpture.  After graduation, she returned to Toledo to work in the ceramics department in exchange for studio access and materials.  For further information about Julia and her inspiration for the ceramic form, please visit her website which includes some of the work she has created from our digital ceramic decal paper.

FotoCeramic Team

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, since 1998 FotoCeramic has been producing digital transfers for ceramics and glass; along with our expert knowledge, we have provided custom decals to businesses, designers and members of the public.