Using Ceramic Decal Paper on Glass Panels

Scottish artist, Keny Drew shared some of his glass product final pieces with FotoCeramic during our recent promotion.  His designs are highly influenced by the Scottish coastline and this comes through in the stained glass creations he makes in his workshop in Crail, on the east coast of Scotland.

Keny likes to mix clear, textured glass with bold colours as well as using screen printed images, which give his work a very individual clean style.  Our digital ceramic transfers were used by the artist in his very original ‘Rusty Ring’ and ‘Fresh Lobster’ glass signs.



If you are interested in using our digital ceramic decal transfer paper to augment your glassware or ceramic pieces, find out more via our website.

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Artist Profile: Micaela Schoop

FotoCeramic are always pleased to showcase our clients work and this particular artist deserves a special mention, mainly because she has had very little formal training in the discipline of art and design, so her natural talent has created some stunning pieces of art using a wide range of media and styles.  Here are some examples Micaela Schoop has created using our ceramic transfer decals.

Micaela was born in South Africa, but emigrated to Hamburg in Germany with her parents when she was four years old.  After a brief stay in the United States, Micaela has been a resident in the UK since 1993.  Successfully completing a foundation course in Art & Design, she had hoped that it would help her to focus on a particular discipline in art but realised that her talents lay in embracing a mixed media approach to her creativity and to keep exploring the different disciplines within art and design.

Most of Micaela’s work is highly decorative and she uses texture in her work through line and colour.  Using a mixture of media, she produces a range of aesthetic effects and enjoys embracing the dimensions of computer technology as part of the creative process.  For further information and examples of her stunning artwork, visit her webpage.


If you are a regular client at FotoCeramic and you would like your artwork to be showcased, you are welcome to send us your images with some background information about the pieces for us to include on our Facebook page and also as a blog spotlight.

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Further Examples of Our Ceramic Transfer Decals

FotoCeramic have continued to be inundated with examples of our clients artwork throughout November, which has been created using our custom ceramic transfer decal paper.  We have posted all of the examples onto our Facebook page, but it is also great to add some examples to our blog page.


(Images from left to right: courtesy of Laura Lane, Beatriz Costo & Chloe Cohen)

It has been really interesting to see how our transfers turn out on final pieces of artwork and makes us proud to have been a part of the creative process to create such stunning work.  Should you wish to use our services, please visit our website for details of how to order our ceramic transfer decals.

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From Fine Art to Ceramics: Mary Morgan

FotoCeramic continues to serve the student market well for digital ceramic transfers and we are delighted to showcase the talents of Mary Morgan, a 2013 Ceramics Graduate from the University of Central Lancashire, who has used our ceramic transfers for her artwork.  Mary originally was a teacher before embarking on a Fine Art degree in 2010.  After realising that Fine Art was not her calling, she transferred to the second year Ceramics course, realising that clay was her true calling!

As part of the special offer we have been running throughout November, Mary sent some examples of her interesting work which formed part of her final degree project and we are very pleased to showcase these on our blog and also on our Facebook page. 

For more information about Mary’s work, please look at her blog!

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Stunning Surface Designware From Ellen Hanceri

Surface designer and printmaker, Ellen Hanceri has used our digital ceramic transfer decals for her range of stunning ceramic mugs, which are extremely colourful and striking.  Ellen studied at the Camberwell College of Art and Design as well as at the City and Guilds of London Art School, where she sought to combine methods of traditional printmaking processes with her love of pattern.  Ellen has produced surface patterns for a range of wallpapers, ceramics and fabrics, which use printed motifs.


For further information about Ellen and her commissioned work, go to her homepage and see the range of fantastic products she has produced.

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Artist Spotlight: Jacqueline Leighton Boyce

Another of our clients at FotoCeramic is Jacqueline Leighton Boyce, a ceramic artist based on Exmoor.  She draws her inspiration from the immediate landscape of open moorland rather than from research.  Her work is uncomplicated, displaying a simplistic and romantic narrative taken from her walks in and around Exmoor.



Jacqueline works primarily as an earthenware ceramist, using terracotta clay.  Each one of her pieces is handbuilt and original.  For more information about her work and exhibitions, please follow the link to Jacqueline‘s website.

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Ceramic Artwork From New Zealand

FotoCeramic has provided ceramic transfer decal sheets for a mother and daughter team from Dunedin in New Zealand.  ‘Three Cups of Tea’ handmake artisan ceramics and their work reflects the two women’s love of friends and family and time shared over a cup of tea! Some of the transfers we have created for them are shown in the following images, which the ladies have kindly sent to FotoCeramic as part of our current special offer, which is running until the 30th November.




They showcase further examples of their ceramics on their informative Facebook page and FotoCeramic are really proud to have been involved in the process as their pieces are vibrant and interesting.

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Ceramic Artist Profile: Madeleine Beattie Ceramics

Our current promotional offer during November has yielded a superb collection of photographs from a range of clients both in the UK and in Europe.  One such artist, Madeleine Beattie, is based in Northern Ireland and has used our custom ceramic decals for her ceramic surface design for a series of tiles, shown in the image below.


Madeleine graduated from the University of Ulster in 2008 with a degree in Fine & Applied Arts, specialising in ceramics.  She has a special interest in working with porcelain because of her fascination with its pure white brilliance and stunning translucency of high-fired pieces.  For further information about Madeleine, please browse her Facebook profile.

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Julia Smith Ceramics: Illustrative Handmade Ceramics

FotoCeramic has provided our decal transfer papers to Julia Smith, a ceramic artist based in Scotland for a number of her pieces, which are simple, illustrative ceramics that are handmade in earthenware clay using traditional methods.  The examples of her work shown in the images below are affordable everyday pieces which can enjoyed and used for a variety of purposes.


Julia grew up in Helensburgh to the west of Glasgow and moved to the city at 17 years of age to study Product Design at the Glasgow School of Art.  She discovered the ceramics department and immediately discovered a connection with the art form, finishing her degree in Ceramics in 1996.  As part of a thurd year exchange programme with the University of Toledo, Julia studied the rudiments of ceramics, printmaking and sculpture.  After graduation, she returned to Toledo to work in the ceramics department in exchange for studio access and materials.  For further information about Julia and her inspiration for the ceramic form, please visit her website which includes some of the work she has created from our digital ceramic decal paper.

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Ceramic Transfer Provision for Students

FotoCeramic supplies custom ceramic decals for art and design students both in the UK and across Europe.  Georgina Armadas, from Barcelona has used our service for her ceramic artwork as part of her B.A. Surface design degree, with which she graduated in London this year.


Georgina has an interesting website which showcases her designs and we have been pleased to include samples of her work on our Facebook page.  Follow the links to see examples of the ways in which she has utilised our transfer decals.

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